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Die Paarberatung mit Herz in der Pfalz

Individual Coaching

Specialist practice for systemic couple's counseling

We all desire lives that are filled with meaning, purpose and fulfillment. However, we are often obstructed from such a life because of wounds from our past or fears about our future. In therapy we are allowed to examine these wounds and fears and create the positive transformation we desire in our lives.

Individual therapy is a place where we can explore who we are and reach an authentic expression of ourselves. This is a space where we can safely talk about ourselves with freedom from guilt, judgment and shame. Every individual can benefit from this freedom as it is through this that we can glimpse into our truest selves.

You can benefit from individual coaching if:

You experience anxiety and/or sadness
You feel lost and directionless
You are embedded in a soul-less job or relationship
You feel disempowered in your life
You are experiencing marital or familial problems
You desire change and greater empowerment in your life
You cannot achieve your goals or manifest your deeper purpose


I am happy to advise you

Doris Nickel
Certified systemic couple therapist
Specialist practice for systemic couple counseling
Phone Germany Grünstadt: +49 6359/92 97 168; Mobil +49 162/8881955
Due to the data security we do not use WhatsApp or other messengers. Please use preferably the way of an email syspraxis@gmail.com