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Die Paarberatung mit Herz in der Pfalz


Specialist practice for systemic couple counseling

Intercultural couple's counseling

Intercultural competence is part of our self-conception. Above all we view the ability to openly respond to different ways of life, to change perspectives and to develop sensitivity for other perspectives.

Language, religion, values, gender differences, social disadvantages, discrimination experiences, loss through migration are taken into account 

Topics in the intercultural couple's counseling include:

Problems and crises in the partnership
Difficulties in the family
Separation and divorce


In a multicultural society, people are less likely to assume that their counterparts have the same ideas about the world or represent equal values ​​and attitudes. 


Intercultural competence

Intercultural competence emerges from the competent handling of cultural diversity and the creation of cooperation in such a diversity. 
Multidimensional approaches focus on the current and past living conditions of people, taking into account social circumstances.

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Doris Nickel
Certified systemic couple therapist
Specialist practice for systemic couple counseling
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